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November 23rd, 2016 - ScottByScott

A little something to tide you over while you travel to your various dinners and familial obligations.

Mike messed up and used his good mic for Skype… but only recorded his shitty laptop mic. So, he sounds like ass. Sorry about that

AD#383 “Splittin’ Brains and Runnin’ Trains”

What do Bloods, Transformers, David Lee Roth, guys named Edward and your creepy brain have in common? They’re all in this episode.

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AD#382 “Cinder Shock”

At long last, we’re reunited — and then almost immediately kicked out of the studio and onto the freezing cold roof.

AD#381 “Carano Don’t Surf”

Anderson is finishing up his film, so you’re stuck with Mike and TyTy for one more week. We’re talking x-ray specs, S-Town podcast, wetsuit myths, accents, and a bunch more.

Patrons, not sure if it’s really a benefit, but you get the DIRECTOR’S CUT, featuring Mike prattling on to himself while waiting for TyTy to call him.



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